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Foodies, students, community organizers, public health advocates, gather ’round!! If you’re someone who’s looking to become better health nerds and make better lifestyle choices, then Live Free: Health has everything you need to know.

After researching all newspapers and websites, we had realized that health is often viewed through separate lenses: either lifestyle and wellness tips or health news. But here at Live Free: Health you will become exposed to both worlds. We believe we can empower individuals to improve their health not only by providing the facts, but also by providing the realities of being healthy. Our goal is to give you a better understanding of what health should mean to you: at the personal, community and societal level.

As versatile and diverse as its creators, the Live Free Blog will provide an up close look for everything you need to know about health and wellness from a cultural perspective. From health and policy news, nutrition expertise, herbal remedies, health access information, natural living essentials, and wellness tips, you’ll never experience the breadth of information anywhere else.

So… read and enjoy. You ain’t seen nothin’ like it!


Author’s Corner


1. Describe your background and interest in health.
Hello everyone! My name is Ryane (the e is silent), and I’ve always been a science nerd. I have recently graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Psychobiology, and plan to attend graduate school to obtain my Master’s in Public Health (MPH). Through my major I was able to explore the biological effects of psychological diagnoses (i.e. depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.). While understanding the dramatic effects that these psychological disorders have on our physical health, I vowed to make solutions in order to improve health access in underserved communities where these issues are often neglected.
2. When did you make the change towards a natural living lifestyle?
Growing up in South Los Angeles, where food security and health access is scarce, I’ve constantly witnessed chronic illness harm African American and Latino communities. In the past 4 years, many of my family members have even suffered from strokes, cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Since 2010, my mother and I have made switches to our daily health and wellness routines and have reaped abundant benefits. Because of this, I have realized that with greater knowledge and education about our health, we have the power to contribute to the solution and prevent chronic illness.
3. What do you hope to share or explore through Live Free: Health?
This blog is meant to inform, promote awareness, and empower our lives for the better. Live Free: Health’s purpose is to provide practical tips for people who rarely give enough attention to themselves on a daily basis.  I hope to improve long term health for my culture, the women whom I love, and my peers, as its better if we all grow and learn together.

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