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My Sugar Obsession Challenge: Day 7

kali sampson
(Huff Post)
Back in high school, I was involved in many sports like track and field and basketball. When times got rough these sports helped me relieve stress.  Once I got to college my work-load and stress levels began to increase, and competitive sports weren’t enough. From juggling and managing a rigorous course load and working part-time, I began to look I began to look for less-competitive, soothing forms of exercise that could continue to build my strength and also help achieve balance in my life. For me, yoga became the perfect blend of exercise and relaxation to help reduce stress.
Yoga has EXTREMELY MAJOR benefits and has grown in popularity over the years. Many yoga classes are being implemented in office work spaces, schools, and local churches to help reduce anxiety and ease tension in many individuals. Yoga helps tackle your inner body strength and also stabilizes your inner body. This practice promotes health, balance and mindfulness through many different poses and meditations so that you can become refreshed and restored to perform the rest of your day worry-free.
Kali Sampson, a yoga instructor provides free yoga classes on Saturdays at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza for many women, mothers, and men who use yoga as a tool to reduce stress, become more flexible, and strengthen their muscles. She states that yoga is a “divine dance of breath, movement, and honoring of the highest self.” (For more information about Kali, visit here:; for more information about the free yoga and other exercise classes, visit here:
Here are some yoga poses that are perfect for reducing stress and anxiety that you can add to your daily practice:
Find which yoga practice best suits you here:
(Yoga Trail)
Namaste. Peace. Shalom. and Paz.

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